Creative production

High-impact ads at scale, always on-brand

It’s time to simplify your ad creation process and eliminate repetitive tasks. Start producing fully on-brand ads for any channel, all at the push of a button.

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personalized ads

Tailor the creative process to your needs

Design unique creatives to connect with your audience. Customize your ad designs with premium creative elements, brand colors, typography, logos, or vectors. Speed up your ad production by using custom branded templates.

time efficient ad design

Generate new creatives in no time

Cut the repetitive tasks and use smart scaling to complete campaigns in minutes. Automatically integrate your dynamic data for creative ads that are always up to date and ready to go live.

complex animation

Engage with powerful animated ads

Improve your campaign performance with animated HTML5, videos, and dynamic ads. With no coding skills needed, use our wide range of animation presets to bring your designs to life with just one click.

brand consistent ad design

Brand alignment, all in your hands

Maintain brand consistency across all media and markets by using branded templates and having all your assets organized in kits. Leverage your fully on-brand ads to get the most out of your campaigns.

A few little extras

Other creative features


Shutterstock integration

Experience the true meaning of limitless creativity with the help of over 20 million Shutterstock images, video and audio files.


HTML5 banner widgets

Instantly add real-life effects to your banners with a simple drag-and-drop interface and without any coding skills.


Improve collaboration

Stay agile and work together, anywhere in real-time. Use instant approval, previews, and comments to get everyone on the same page.


Cloud integration

Connect your Creatopy account with Dropbox or Google Drive and import all the assets you need in just one click.


PSD editor

Open a PSD file and start working on your ad designs right away. Resize, edit, animate, collaborate with your team and streamline your ad creation workflow.


Serve ads on any display network

Get unique embed codes for specific uses: ad buy platforms, DSPs, SSPs, CMS, and standard, with just a few clicks.


Find out more about Creatopy's solutions

Check the frequently asked questions below and discover how Creatopy could help you efficiently create your ads.

Why choose Creatopy?

You will increase your ROI with the help of our automation features, maintain consisteny across all platforms, and achieve superior workflow control over your team.

Is Creatopy suitable for any business size?

The short learning curve, combined with a per-seat pricing model, allows easy set-up and scaling for teams of all sizes - creative teams, agencies, and enterprises.

Is Creatopy just for designers?

No. Our aim is to build the easiest to use ad production platform on the market, which means a platform that everyone in a team can use – not just designers!

Is Creatopy just for display advertising?

No. Creatopy offers a complete ad making solution, for you to be able to create display, social media, video, and industry ads.

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Bring marketing and design teams together

Enjoy one platform that helps your marketing and design teams stay productive throughout the whole cycle of an ad campaign.