Create engaging Facebook ads

Make Facebook ads more efficiently and speak to your target audience through visually appealing designs. Easily collaborate with your team members to customize the ads and scale up your ad production using Creatopy’s Facebook ad creator.

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Make Facebook ads using templates

Get a headstart and simplify the design process using a well-crafted free Facebook ad template. Easily customize any template with high-quality stock photos, icons, shapes, and other creative elements. Use our Facebook ad creator to design video, carousel, image or sponsored message ads for free.

Facebook ad templates

How to create Facebook ads for free in Creatopy

  • Choose a template

    Browse through a variety of free ad templates and select the most suitable one for your use case. Alternatively, pick a preset size and design from a blank canvas.

  • Customize your design

    Build an impactful custom ad by personalizing the template with design elements from our Facebook ad maker using simple drag and drop motions.

  • Add branded elements

    Upload brand-specific resources like custom fonts or logos into the editor and make the design instantly recognizable to your audience.

  • Export your Facebook ads

    Rapidly download your social ads as PNG, JPG, GIF, or MP4 files to follow Facebook’s requirements, and publish your campaign within minutes.


Innovative features for Facebook ad creation

Enjoy cost-effective Facebook video ad creation and get a productivity boost thanks to an array of automation features meant to simplify the process. Work with your team members or external collaborators and launch all campaigns on schedule.


Premium stock content

Ensure your Facebook advertising efforts rise up to the highest quality standards. Use premium stock imagery and video content to always deliver sharp and clean ads.


Brand alignment

Control how your audience perceives your brand through ad design. Save assets like logo, fonts, and imagery in a Brand Kit that you can access to make branded ads in Creatopy.


Background removal

Create ads that direct viewers’ attention towards your product. Automatically remove the background of any image and get pixel-perfect cutouts to use in your ads.


Smooth video editing

Tell compelling stories and immerse users into your ads using motion and sound. Create and edit Facebook video ads in an editor that has a short learning curve.


Instant design variations

Streamline the design process with the help of data feeds. Upload a CSV file to serve content information and generate endless design variations right away.


Scale download

Explore different download options to make sure your ads look great on all devices. Scale your Facebook ad size up or down between 0.5x and 4x without diverting from the ad specs.

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